Our misson statement is to understand our current market and anticipate the technological needs of the future in Japan. We are marketing a wide range of products in order to meet the growing demands for technological innovation in ever-changing industrial world. We have achieved the profitable results as we respond to our customers' needs with the following industrial machinary line.

Various welding materials Laser discharge machine
Welding robot

MACHINE TOOLS Machining center, NC lathes, Surface grinders, Presses.
PROCESSING MACHINE Laser discharge machines, Wire cutting machines, Various welding robots, Bands machines.
FACTORY LABOR-SAVING MACHINERY FA related equipment, Design, Construction, OA equipment, Paint spraying apparatuses, Washing machines, Shot-blast machines.
ELECTRIC/AIR TOOLS High-frequency electric tools, Architectural electric tools, Grinders, Grinding and Polishing tools, Separation tools.
ELECTRIC WELDERS AC Arc welders, CO2 MAG automatic welders, MIG welders, TIG welders, Plasma welders, Submerged-arc Auto welders, Resistance welders, Electron-beam welders, various automatic welders, Welding robots, Engine welders, Welding jigs.
GAS MACHINE TOOLS Gas welders, Gas cutting machines, Portable auto-cutting machines, Eye-tracers, Flame planers, N/C gas cutting machines, N/C plasma cutting machines, N/C Laser cutting machines, Pressure regulators, Flow meters.
ELECTRODES Electrodes, CO2 gas wires, MAG gas wires, Flux cored wires, Low temp electrodes, Special electrodes, TIG electrodes, Stainless electrodes, Stainless wire, Silver solder.
WELDING MATERIAL Rubber Hoses, Welding Cables, Safety Holders, Safety and protection equipment.
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