We mainly offer chlorofluorocarbon(CFC) and related equipment such as tool, materials, and cleaning agents for air conditioning systems to our Japanese customers. With the problem of the destruction of the ozone layer facing the world today, we are making our contribution to help protect the environment by providing a line of harmless chlorofluorocarbon such as R404A/R407C/R410A/R507A and related equipment. We offer a CFC recovery machine, and we have started the business of recovering and destroying refrigerant CFCs in Japan.
 In order to assist in effecting CFC recovery, we hold a technical seminar for CFC recovery and regeneration with the cooperation of the CFC Regeneration Center and the Nippon Refrigerator and Air-conditioning Industries Associated Union.

HCFC22, HCFC123, HFC23, HFC134a

R410A, R407c, R404A, R507A
Manufacturers: Showa, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, Kurita
Vacuum Pumps,CFC Recovery Machine
 Copper Tube, Copper Tube with a Plastic Cover, Adhesion and Non-adhesion Tapes,
Heat Insulator, Piping Kit for Airconditioner, Mounting Rack
 Ceiling Hanging Type, Wall Mounting Type, Roof Mounting Type, Double Mounting Type
 Ethyleneglycol, Propyleneglycol, Calciumchloride
 Recovery and regenerate of refrigerant CFC R11, R12, R22,
Refrigerant CFC Recovery Institute, Technical Seminar for CFC Recovery and Refrigerant